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Scratched Glass Repair – Classic Car


And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth … And caused scratched glass !

Time, just like careless trade people, is glass’ mortal enemy.  Years of cleaning, touching and feeling can cause havoc on virgin glass.  Scratches on glass need not be an issue.  With our revolutionary scratched glass repair system we can waive goodbye to your glass scratches.

Just ask the new owner of this 1970 Porche 911 Turbo.  When a well-known London based classic car dealer called to see if we could help with their scratched glass problem, all we needed to do was send our scratch repair technician, and the rest as they say, is history.

When the timeth cometh, contact the only scratched glass repair company you can trust withe your 1970’s Porche !




Scratched Glass Repair – London – Before and After Pics.

Scratches on glass are notoriously difficult to photograph… so imagine our delight when one of our Glass Polishing technicians was able to capture on his phone the scratches prior to the glass repair, during the scratched glass removal process and the final glass repair.

before pic glass  Before     during pic glass  During     after pic glass After

Scratch Repair Group have forged an unenviable reputation for delivering invisible repairs, job after job.

If scratched glass is your issue, then call the glass polishing experts.




And The Lord Said, “Let there be Scratch Free Glass”


History has taught us many things , one of which is scratched glass can strike anywhere.

From construction sites to swimming pools , from people’s houses to automobiles.  However on this occasion Scratch Repair Group received a call to carry out some scratched glass repairs in one of The Lords many houses.

During installation, 4 partitioning screens had become scratched and damaged much to the horror of the site manager.

However, no need to panic, The Lord is nothing if not patient, for he knows that Scratch Repair Group could be on hand within 24hrs to repair the scratched glass and carryout an invisible repair.

For all your glass polishing and scratch repair needs, whatever your faith, pick up the phone and call the best.



Looking After Your Glass

Taking Care of Your Windows

The windows in our home are generally taken advantage of. We don’t normally think of them as something that needs to be regularly maintained – as long as we prevent anything from smashing into them then we’re doing our jobs, right?

But that’s not really the case. Like any other part of a house or specific piece of furniture, windows need to be looked after so they can do their job (allowing us to view outside and keeping the cold from entering) for as long as possible.

Here, we’re going to look at what we can do to properly maintain our windows.

Regularly Clean

This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but there are many people who don’t clean their windows on a regular basis, and then they wonder why nothing is visible! They need to be cleaned, but what’s more important is just how they are cleaned.

For the best results, you might consider investing in a squeegee. These will do the job properly, rather than simply moving the dirt around the glass with a wet cloth. Basic products are normally quite inexpensive (under £10), but there are more advanced models out there if you’re fully committed to the task at hand.

Get yourself some window cleaner – everyone has their favourite brand, find out that works well for you and stick with it. Fill a bucket with some warm water and mix in some of the detergent, before dipping in your squeegee and scraping it across the glass. Note – if you’re doing the inside of the window, put down a towel first to prevent the window sill becoming wet.

Alternatively, you could just employ a window cleaner to service your glass, and you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Frames and Hinges

It’s not just the glass that needs maintaining, however, you need to pay attention to the window in its entirety. The frames are easy to clean, but can build up a lot of dust over time so make sure you do it whenever necessary. Basic wood polish and a cloth will work here just fine.

Hinges can be a little more difficult, as there’s more to it than simply cleaning. Over time they tend to wear out quicker than any other section of the window, so it’s a good idea to occasionally oil them so that the friction doesn’t cause any damage.


If you see a scratch on the window, no matter where it is and no matter how big or deep, it’s important that you take care of it. Long-term, an untreated scratch can lead to large problems – and you could find yourself needing to replace the glass completely.

Scratch Repair offers a scratch removal service that will restore your glass to optimum condition. You won’t have to worry about your windows looking untidy or becoming damaged, our methods are proven to bring positive results.

Tips to Avoid Scratching Your Glass

Removing Paint from your Windows without Scratching

Window scratches can be a real nuisance for homeowners, businesses and public buildings alike. They make the place look tacky and unprofessional, while they can also be the beginning of further problems such as cracking.

It’s even more frustrating when scratches are the result of something that is completely avoidable. One such instance is when someone accidentally get paint on the glass, and then feel as if they can simply remove it by scraping it off.

But that’s not the case. If you want to remove paint from your windows without scratching the glass, then this is what you need to do.

(First of all, you can avoid this issue entirely by covering your windows with a plastic sheet when painting nearby)

Window Cleaning

Grab a hold of your usual window cleaning product, a friction reducer and a bucket of water. Pour the reducer and the cleaning product into the bucket, applying a similar ratio to what you would use when washing the dishes, and you’ll have everything you need to create a nice slippery surface.

Scraping from dry glass is almost guaranteed to scratch, so apply the liquid solution you’ve just created before you even go near the window with a blade.

Prepare to Scrape

First of all, you need to get hold of a good quality window scraper, and test it out on an area of the window (or another window entirely) that you don’t necessarily mind getting scratched. It shouldn’t do anyway, but you might not want to risk it in the location of the paint.

Your blade needs to be in excellent condition in order to be effective. You can look to see what sort of a state it’s in, but it’s also possible to use your ears. When you use it, there will be a grittier noise than you might expect. If this is the case the stop immediately and look into purchasing a new scraper.

Start Scraping

Now you can begin. Position the razor of your scraper at a 45° angle away from the window’s frame, so as not to damage this in anyway, and the start scraping the paint. If the window is higher than it is wider, use vertical strokes, and if it’s wider than it is higher, use horizontal strokes.

Remember to always lift your blade off the glass in between strokes – to further reduce the chances of scratching. Once everything is done, and all the paint has been completely removed, reapply your cleaning solution one more time and use a squeegee to wipe and dry.

Follow these instructions to the letter and your paint/glass problems will be diminished. No scratches, no problem. However, if you do happen to accidentally scratch your windows then get in touch and we’ll be able to help you out.

Scratched Glass Wates for no Man


Wates Construction maybe a powerhouse of the UK construction industry but scratched glass cares not for reputations.

With handover looming a careless labourer scratched 20 large windows when removing mortar from the glass.

With an emergency glass polishing requirement, the site agent turned to a trusted contractor who had delivered scratched glass repairs on previous projects for him.

4 man days later and all glass scratches had gone resulting in a satisfied site agent and a relieved labourer.

When scratched glass strikes, call the best.




Scratch Repair Group Vs Toothpaste



Here at Scratch Repair Group, the scratched glass repair specialists, we’re no stranger to old wives tiles and legends.  However, one fable we come across again and again is that of the infamous tale of toothpaste repairing scratched glass.  The legend says that should one apply enough toothpaste and elbow grease on an area of scratched glass then , hey presto, you can miraculously repair scratched glass.

However , here at Scratch Repair Group, we believe that to repair scratched glass one must use a mix of abrasives, oxides and an awful lot of skill.

So should you fall victim to scratched glass, call the no. 1 glass polishing company in the world and place your faith in tried and tested methods.



Easy Three-sy, Lemon Squeezy




Scratched glass happen.  Face it.

During works , an aluminium tower scraped alongside a recently installed large glass pane, causing numerous glass scratches in a localised area.

Within 24 hrs of an initial call, Scratch Repair Group were onsite, out of hours, to carry out an invisible repair, having submitted all the necessary H&S checks associated with a large out of town shopping centre. Removing all the hassle from our client(as well as all the scratches)

Don’t waste your time with other glass repair companies… deal with the best.





Scratch Repair Group Launch Scratch Repair Shop




Scratch Repair Group are delighted to announce the launch of Scratch Repair Shop.

The one stop shop for all your hard surface scratch repair solutions and consumables.

At launch, we have launched product lines for scratched glass and scratched plastic solutions but look out for new product lines due to launch very soon including scratched metal and stone repair.



Grade 2 Listed Building – No problem

photo (28)

When an Austrian firm approached us about a scratched glass problem at a prestigious Grade 2 listed development in St Johns Wood, London.  What could we say other than YA !

Over the years all the glass at the above address had fallen victim to glass scratches and what was needed was the best in the business to help restore the glass to the highest spec possible.

With years of experience , SRG have forged a reputation for delivering on difficult projects.

When you need a team of glass polishers an industry leading skill set, call the best.


Auf Wiedersehen,



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