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Toilet Repairs – London

“You must have replaced it” yelped the delighted site agent.

“Nope, just repaired correctly” suggested the Scratch Repair Group tech.

 .       .


Do it right or not at all !

For all your hard surface repairs, get in touch.


Stone Repairs- Warwick

When a careless joiner decided to stray from manufacturing guidelines when installing a wooden flooring, unfortunately the resulting off piste work caused damaged to numerous limestone tiles . ¬†As there tiles were installed structurally it wasn’t a case of just replacing the tiles , therefore a call to scratch repair group was necessary.





For all your hard surface repairs, get in touch.



Hard Surface Repairs – Liverpool

What do you get if you cross tradesmen, large mobile platforms and limited access areas to manoeuvre them through doorways ?

Broken door frames a plenty.

Good things the technicians at Scratch Repair Group are only a phone call away.

Door frames 1


Door frames 2


For all your hard surface repair needs get in touch.



Resurfacing in Guildford

Surrey, sun , spraying.

What more could a man want. ¬†(Please don’t email in with alternatives)

masking up

spraying guil 1

spraying guil 2


For all your resurfacing needs get in touch.

Enjoy SRG

Scratched Glass – York Theatre

York’s medieval walls may well have kept out the marauding savages ( excuse any factual inaccuracies) but it was no match for a careless window cleaner, rusty old blade and paint splattered glass.

Approaching handover, imagine the surprise on the site agents face when he discovered the result of the above combination.

To cut a long story short, one call to SRG and after lots of hard work, all scratches were removed from lots of glass.


york 1

york 2york 3york 4

When scratched glass strikes, call the best.




Scratch Glass Repairs Manchester

When one of the UK’s largest contractors fell victim to a rather extreme case of scratched glass, there was only really one company to call.

As well as there being a lot of scratched glass there was a number of logistical issues that made the project a little more challenging than most.

Did we do it ?  Ahead of scheduled time and budget.

20150908_122216  20150908_155612  20150909_090718


When scratched glass strikes, call the best.


Citroen / Peugeot – Chingford – London

When the main contractor at a recently built car dealership discovered they had scratched glass, the answer was simple.

“We’ll get in Scratch Repair Group, they always deliver”

“But what about ze dust on our brand new cars” replied Mr Citroen Representative.

“Don‚Äôt worry, these guys cover all bases”

And that’s exactly what we did.

In sensitive areas we tented up around the technicians and low and behold,  scratch free glass with no impact on the clients vehicles.

IMG_2011   IMG_2014


When you’ve been hit with scratched glass make one call to the best.

Enjoy SRG

To resin repair or to bevel, that is the question ?

This is the question that’s haunted many a glass repair technician for centuries. ¬†In fact, it is speculated in some quarters, that a certain¬†Billy¬†Shakespeare adapted this to form his immortal line in Hamlet. ¬†

When one of our technician was faced with this at Fazakerley hospital in Liverpool he decided to do both.

before 1

Before – 2no. damaged areas

Bevell after

Repair 1 – Bevel lower pane

resin repair1

Repair 2 – Resin Repair upper pane

For the best quality glass repair, bypass the pretenders and seek the best.

Enjoy SRG

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