Welcome to the number one scratched glass repair service in the UK. It is our belief that no pane of glass should be replaced simply because of a scratch or chip.

Therefore, we aim to provide a service that removes scratches from glass in the most efficient, clean and cost-effective manner possible.
Our repair teams are made up of the most highly-qualified technicians, who use modern technologies together with tried and tested methods to make your windows, facades, curtain walling (In fact almost any type of glass) look as good as new.

Our Services

  • Scratch Removal

    Scratches are the most common type of damage inflicted upon glass – and can also be the most frustrating. Even the smallest can be visually damaging on your glass. With Scratch Repair Group offering a scratched glass repair service that is second to none, there’s no excuse not to get in touch and resolve your scratched glass issue.

  • Graffiti Removal

    Should you be unfortunate enough to find graffiti on your glass, then we can help. You might be tempted to replace the glass altogether – but in 80% of cases glass repair is actually cheaper.

  • Chemical Damage Treatment

    This particular type of damage isn’t limited to industrial sites and constructions site – chemical damage can be found almost everywhere. While this may appear to be a serious issue that cannot be fixed – we beg to differ. Scratch Repair can remove the effects of the chemicals and restore your glass to prime condition.

  • Angle & Weld Splatter Damage

    Again, you might not expect to find angle and weld splatter damage on your glass, but when you do it can be very serious. The effects go deeper than regular scratches, so you could see it as a hopeless case. However, our specialists are more than capable of dealing with this whereas other companies might not be.


Scratch Repair Group are delighted to launch Scratch Repair Shop. Please stop by for all your scratch repair solutions and consumables.


Areas We Work In

At Scratch Repair we tend to deal with certain businesses and individuals in different sectors, and so have developed something of a specialty in those areas.

sector-con1 With all the industrial equipment and tools being utilised on construction sites, not considering the ongoing activities of various trades’ people, it’s not IF your construction site falls victim to scratches on glass but WHEN! Scratch Repair will provide a free onsite consultation to ensure the scratched glass repair service fits your requirements.
sector-retail2Shops and other retail outlets are always a hub of activity, and with lots of people mingling, meeting and shopping around the glass facades, it’s inevitable there will be damage here and there. however scratches on glass can affect your brand. Call Scratch Repair to restore your glass it its original state.
transportAgain, anywhere the general public generally go tends to congregate wear and tear over will cause glass scratches. If you’re mode of transportation – whether private or public – has incurred any damage over the years then give us a call and we’ll soon have it fixed.
sector-domYour home is your pride and joy – and you don’t want to invite guests around to a house fitted out with damaged glass. Give us a call and we’ll save you from having to replace it altogether.

Further Information

If you’d like to know more about our services, or even request a quote, then get in touch with us today. There are a few ways in which you can do this:

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